Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: Supernatural

Sam and Dave meet an old (and long gone) friend on Supernatural and the long-running program wins a somewhat quiet Wednesday night. On Younger‘s second season finale, Liza works out her love triangle issues and earns great reviews for it. “Tainted Love” joins the Stealers Wheel Memorial Song List of tunes which have changed meaning due to twisted use in fiction, as The Americans bring it to their latest murder. It got top marks as per the ushe. Biggest disappointment has to come from the usually on-point Broad City ladies who earn middling grades for their disjointed road trip to Philly.

Wednesday, March 23rd’s Best: Supernatural (8.8/10)


The return of actor Jim Beaver to play Bobby engendered a bunch of good feeling from the recapper types. IGN‘s Matt Fowler appreciated that the flashback resurrection was not “cheap” and that it was done in a way that “made this regular style monster mash feel a bit elevated.” Sean McKenna from TV Fanatic liked the positivity, feeling “the continued teamwork and generally positive ending made this a welcome return for Supernatural.”

The Rest of the Night:


Younger – 8.7

Star Wars Rebels – 8.6

The Americans – 8.4

Blackish – 8.0

Nashville – 7.2

Broad City – 7.0

Arrow – 6.6

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