Your March Madness Sweet 16: @Midnight vs. Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver

Our matchup here sees two comedians, hosting shows (one on cable, one on premium cable) that examine culture and current events.

Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver uses anger and irony with its politics and humor, while @Midnight relies on Internet jokes and a sardonic air to push its agenda (the funniest person for 23 1/2 hours) forward. Jon Oliver is selling anti-Trump hats, at cost.

Both shows may be surprise wins for both of its rounds. Last Week Tonight, relatively new in the late night landscape, overcame the newish yet established Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore with 85 percent of the vote, and defeated Late Night with Stephen Colbert with 81 percent of the vote. Also-rans Colbert and Wilmore are former contributors to The Daily Show, which saw Jon Oliver as its summer interim host in 2013. (As a host of his own show, Oliver is better.) Colbert is established both as a personality and a host of The Late Show, which began with Johnny Carson. He hosts in a studio that saw the debut of The Beatles.

And Oliver is likely to beat @Midnight. The game show had its own shocking win, with 71 percent of the vote against the established and much loved Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and 78 percent of the vote against Hollywood Game Night, which is @Midnight‘s most similar show (both have famous people, competing to win, and trying to be funny).

@Midnight airs nightly on Comedy CentralLast Week Tonight with Jon Oliver airs Sunday nights on HBO. Episodes are available online.

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