Your March Madness Sweet 16: Games of Thrones vs. Better Call Saul


Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul are successful shows about bad people doing bad things. And as Game of Thrones was based on, and is now inspired by, the series of fantasy novels, Better Call Saul is a “spin-off” of Breaking Bad, taking place in the past.

The shows are vastly different, otherwise. Saul is set in New Mexico, with an average size cast. Thrones is filmed all over the world, set in a fantasy universe, and has an enormous cast. It is significantly more violent than Better Call Saul.

Yet, like many of our matches, it’s hard to say who will win. Game of Thrones narrowly beat The Walking Dead, which shares its network with Saul, by one vote. Against House of Cards, it won with 71 percent of the vote. Similarly, Better Call Saul narrowly beat Grey’s Anatomy in its first round, with 57 percent of the vote, winning by two votes. In its second round, it beat another Shondaland favorite, again with two votes at 57 percent, when it won its match against Scandal.

That’s right, Better Call Saul was paired with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and won each time. Maybe Better Call Saul is our dark horse candidate.

Game of Thrones returns April 24, on HBOBetter Call Saul airs Mondays on AMC. Episodes are available online.

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