Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

It’s the oddball critical hit of the year, if it has found a spot of trouble finding an audience for its unique dramedy format which sees the main characters frequently break into song — pitch-perfect parodies of about any style you can conjure. Last night’s offering, “Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!,” illustrated perfectly the breathtaking heights to which the young show can ascend. It came close to a perfect score from the recappers, missing the mark only with TV Fanatic, who didn’t seem to care for much of anything yesterday, but still gave it four out of five stars. No show last night received bad reviews across the board, not even Gotham or The Magicians.

Tuesday, March 21st’s Best: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (9.5/10)


Like its protagonist protests in its unforgettable theme song, “it’s a lot more nuanced than that” and this may be the most “nuanced” of all the episodes, as Rebecca takes off to return to her old life and working hard at a New York job, sees ghosts, “Dream Ghosts” to be precise, while the friends she doesn’t believe care about her gather at her house to wait and worry about their disappeared favorite person. The AV Club‘s Allison Shoemaker enjoys the Christmas Carol in March (well, future ghost is only implied), declaring it “one of the best episodes in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s stellar first season.” Why is that? Halle Kiefer of Vulture has the answer: “For my money, the best episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are the ones that explore Rebecca’s damaged inner life. When the show commits to that, it’s much more novel and interesting.” Yes, for our money too!

The Rest of the Night:


Better Call Saul – 8.8

The Magicians – 8.5

Gotham – 7.5

Bates Motel – 7.5

Jane the Virgin – 7.4

Supergirl – 7.3

11.22.63 – 7.1

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