Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Togetherness

Togetherness, the Duplass Brothers signature show, wins the busy Sunday night with a moving episode which deftly handles the intricacies of human perception and how our what many will see as flaws, others will fall deeply in love with. The fairy tale in a blender, Once Upon a Time, focuses on Robert Carlyle’s mischievous Rumpelstiltskin and scores one of its best received episodes in ages. Juggernauts Girls and The Walking Dead have solid evenings as the former deals with relationships and friendships and nice vs. kind and the latter features bows and arrows, deadly shortcuts, and painful genital bites. Low scores are to be had for usual suspects Vinyl and The Family and CBS’ retiring The Good Wife (don’t worry Mr. & Mrs. King, our Katherine liked the episode).

Sunday, March 20th’s Best: Togetherness (9.0/10)


Togetherness, while not the most universally beloved show, has been generally lauded as a well-written, thoughtful show, and is clearly at its best when it delves into its characters and lets their flaws shine in all their glory — and such is the case with this week’s “Just The Range.” Vulture‘s Phoebe Robinson delights in the uncertainties that define Brett & Michelle’s declining marriage, acknowledging “I know some of you think that she is bad news and he should ditch her, but I don’t think things can be or should be resolved that simply.” Gwen Inhat of AV Club enjoys the rich characters and plays off Brett’s riff about an 80s three- or four-hit wonder: “what’s he’s saying applies to everyone in Togetherness (and as is so often on this show, everyone period). Bruce Hornsby is a different entity without The Range, just like “Just The Range” is without Bruce Hornsby. They may rock just as hard (or, more likely, not much at all), but in an entirely different way.”

The Rest of the Night:


Once Upon a Time – 8.6

Girls – 8.2

The Walking Dead – 8.1

Quantico – 8.0

Elementary – 7.8

Shameless – 7.6

The Good Wife – 6.9

Vinyl – 6.8

The Family – 5.5


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