What to Watch: 03/20/2016

It’s a standard busy Sunday night, so let’s hop into our prime cuts — this week, it’s two long-running classics alongside a new favorite.

The Carmichael Show [NBC, 9p]
This week’s sensitive topic of discussion is birth control after Jerrod’s condom breaks during a gathering storm.

The Good Wife [CBS, 9p]
Alicia, Lucca, and Cary defend a man who puts up a billboard and calls the owner of a gunstore a murderer, which hey, sounds not untruthful. And if you missed Grace (I did!) she’s back, and accused of plagarizing her college acceptance essay. (It was probably too good.)

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Up to the day Negan shows his face, this spot for me will almost certainly be occupied by The Walking Dead, as the back end of the sixth season has been sizzling with all the tense stand-offs for which the show has become known. And knowing that some character (if not many) we care about has to die soon.



  • Showtime’s Billions has a great cast (Damien Lewis, Paul Giamatti) and received solid, if not spectacular, reviews, but has generated a relatively small level of buzz. This week someone goes missing, and if you look at the title, you can probably infer a good idea who it is.
  • Vinyl, on HBO, also contains big names, but has mostly blown a lot of its ample buzz, but a lot of that is on expectations; reviews have been mostly in the “B” range. This week portends more double-crosses and debauchery.
  • Meanwhile, over at Girls, it’s Hannah and her mother, both on the run from their relationships.
  • And then there’s Togetherness with its own share of job and love and friendship angst, just a decade or so later in life.
  • A fun mix of B-list celebs on this week’s Hollywood Game Night on NBC, including Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore and comedian Iliza Schlesinger.
  • Finally, let’s give some attention to one of our favorite leading ladies on an under-appreciated show…Madam Secretary on CBS. This week, our hero takes a break to visit college campuses for her daughter, but of course, politics will intervene.

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