Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: Black-ish

With a pretty timely (and surely purposely timed) story about basketball and a break from its usual format, stellar sitcom Black-ish scores the top reviews of last evening’s television. Dre gets a bit too deeply involved and invested in his son’s basketball prowess in an episode that cements the show’s status as a master of opening sequences with a parody of ESPN’s 30 For 30 documentary series. Another program that feasts off playing around with the intro had a solid-if-not-spectacular night, as Broad City flew its surrealist flag with Abbi going to DMV hell and heaven, as Ilana felt at home pimpin’ it up for our next President (and, yes, she did admirably in her cameo). Nashville and The Americans returned to favorable reviews. Only Star Wars Rebels fell off today as the animated force escaped them and they crashed to a rare (for any show without “chronicles” in its name, at least) below-5 total.

Wednesday, March 16th’s Best: Black-ish (8.5/10)


Everyone’s come down with a case of March Madness, even our able editors, and Black-ish scores the rare 8.5-point shot with last night’s b-ball themed episode. AV Club‘s LaToya Ferguson credits the program for “its ability to zag where one might assume it will zig.” Nichole Perkins at Vulture recalls the power of its previous offering, admitting she was a “little anxious about how Black-ish could follow such a strong episode. ‘Any Given Saturday’ proves there was no need to worry.”

The Rest of the Night:


The Americans – 8.3

Erik Adams of AV Club declares FX’s serious(-er) spy show “as contagious as ever” in its return, while declaring poor, besieged Martha the “MVP” of the series. TV Fanatic‘s Carissa Pavlica recognizes the finite nature of the Cold War but proclaims “for now it’s as frigid as ever.”

Nashville – 8.2

The country music soap opera starring the incomparable Connie Britton returns with an awaited wedding to positive press. Max Weiss at Vulture notes it’s been long enough that he “clung to that ‘previously on’ montage like it was a life raft.” AV Club‘s Gwen Inhat enjoys the nuptials, but breathes a sigh of relief that “now that that’s settled, we can look forward to whatever else Nashville wants to throw at us” (and I highly recommend you click through and read the list).

Broad City – 8.0

Just when you wondered could they get a bigger star than Rachel Dratch…actually, that’s cheap as Dratch was wonderful in her recurring role as an incompetent temp service rep. Hillary’s cameo earned mostly near-raves, as did all of “2016.” Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya of AV Club loves the evolution of Ilana, complimenting the show for how it “has become even more critical of Ilana in a way that is pushing the character to new depths.” We liked it too.

Star Wars Rebels – 4.1

We’ll stay quiet and grant this usually well-reviewed animated show an off night.

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