Our Wednesday Reviews

Broad City – B+

0317broadbox.jpgThis week’s star-studded shenanigans begins with Abbi and Ilana exchanging future schemes by the Central Park Fountain, oblivious to the handicapped woman tumbling down the stairs behind them. It’s a perfect set-up for the most surreal epsiode of Broad City since Abbi’s odyssey to pick up a package in NYC’s mysterious North Brother Island. Abbi’s quest in this episode is to survive the DMV and renew her license; however, BC’s DMV is a more savagely bizarre version of Parks and Recreation‘s fourth floor (which not coincidentally also has a DMV). Thankfully, a helpful Alan Alda guides her to online registration nirvana, in a unique performance as her sweetly goofy chiropractor. Meanwhile, Ilana wanders into a Clinton office where she discovers her perfect gig as a sassy, energized caller for the Democratic leader’s campaign. Cynthia Nixon shines here as a blithely tolerant “boss” who clearly enjoys Ilana’s enthusiasm — even if she has to ban the word “yasss” — who sadly has to inform her new “hire” that she is actually volunteering. On her way out, the awaited moment happens and Hillary drops in with an engaging performance and a miniature inflatable waving hands guy. “2016” is chock full of delightful, classic BC moments, even if it never fully flows together.
– Jason Thurston

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