What to Watch: 03/16/2016

Today’s offerings from our scholarly perspective include two vastly different sorts of cop series and the latest in VH1’s brand of public psychology. Enjoy!

Happy Valley [Netflix]
Another police crime drama from over the pond, brilliant! In this season Catherine Cawood is still investigating Tommy Lee Royce for her daughter’s suicide when she finds herself implicated in a string of murders and has to prove her innocence.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders  [CBS, 10p]
A refugee from a defunct police procedural franchise hopes to jump start the second attempt to spin off Criminal Minds, as Gary Sinise leads the international branch of the Behavior Analysis Unit. The first case involves three Americans lost in Bangkok.

VH1 Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn [VH1, 9p]
Dr. Jenn counsels five families, presumably as she has publicly counseled couples for Couples Therapy. See Tiffany “New York” Pollard and her mother Sister Patterson, Din and Michael Lohan, Damn Dash and his two brothers, Bam Margera and his mother, and Teen Mom’s Briana Dejesus and her sister.



  • Regular ol’ Criminal Minds finds its agents in Wichita. It ain’t Bangkok, but meh…
  • Basketball is at the center of tonight’s Blackish on ABC, as Jack’s skills may have the young hoopster playing above his pay grade.
  • Later on ABC, it’s wedding prep for Deacon and Rayna and if you think that will go smoothly, you don’t know Nashville and probably haven’t watched muct TV at all.
  • I’d lay money on tomorrow’s review recap winner being the Season 4 premiere of critical fave The Americans on FX. Our Soviet anti-heroes are assigned to a case involving bioweapons. That’s one place to start.

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