Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: The Grinder

A surprise newcomer to the Tuesday night winners circle, as the ever-promising freshman sitcom The Grinder wrests glowing reviews for an episode that sees our protagonist Dean sliding back into his titular role — plus the return of Timothy Olyphant, the best celebrity playing himself on network television since James van der Beek on Apt. 23Pretty Little Liars earns top marks for its finale which features what TV Fanatic‘s Paul Dailly calls “the biggest reveal yet” — quite a boast for a show that feeds off the twists and turns of A disclosing his/her secrets. Christopher Darden has an awful, no good, very bad day as the glove indeed does not fit, and we know they will acquit (we’re in the future also), and its yet another feted episode of American Crime Story.

Tuesday, March 15th’s Best: The Grinder (9.0/10)


The Grinder grinds, and its serial nature has both intrigued and worried most reviewers, but the ambitious sitcom has been one of the most promising new shows of the 2015-16 season. Joshua Rivera of Vulture labels this episode “possibly the funniest of the show so far.” AV Club‘s Molly Eichel observes: “This is a show about people, and family and how it interacts, and less about the overall story or even the concept. Perhaps that’s why it’s so impressive The Grinder is carrying on such a story to begin with.”

The Rest of the Night:


Pretty Little Liars – 8.8

American Crime Story – 8.5

New Girl – 8.3

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 7.8

Limitless – 7.0

Fresh Off the Boat – 6.5

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