What to Watch: 03/14/2016

A busy little Monday we got here — featuring everything from delicious desserts and goofball cops to spiraling conmen, pernicious diseases, and no less than two charming manifestations of Satan.

Lucifer [FOX, 9p]
Lucifer and Chloe enlist the help of Dr. Linda for their latest murder case as I swoon over his British accent. He continues to embody more and more human qualities as he experiences his first pangs of jealousy.

Better Call Saul [FX, 10p]
Jimmy continues to slip further into the ethical woods and we’ll see how far down Kim, the partners (and maybe even we, the viewers) will follow him.

Cake Wars [Food, 9p]
The bakers honor the 45th Anniversary of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory through cake design as an “epic party.” Gene Wilder isn’t judging, but Paris Themmen, who played Mike Teevee, is.



  • HBO examines the tragedy that struck Africa last year from the perspective of one doctor who bravely fought the epidemic on Ebola: A Doctor’s Story.
  • More police silliness from the Carrell family and Rashida Jones on TBS’ Angie Tribeca.
  • Don’t get Psycho about it, but Bates Motel is going strong on FX.
  • Everybody hates poor Damien…probably because he’s the demon incarnate…on A&E.


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