Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Supergirl

Look, up in the sky, it’s Pi Day’s winner Supergirl, as Kara goes bad and that’s good — at least reviews-wise. Speaking of bad, Better Call Saul‘s second season finds Jimmy McGill starting to break in that direction, to the chagrin of his greatest champion, and erstwhile girlfriend, Kim, and an episode focusing on her is also a winner (if of second place). TV Fanatic loves loves loves everything, even Gotham. And that most divisive show of the night brings up the rear, as it brings out its villains at their most villainous.

Tuesday, March 14th’s Best: Supergirl (9.5/10)


Red Kryptonite is apparently Supergirl Kara’s, well, kryponite, and after making a case for the good in her heart, Supergirl let’s her indulge in her bad side. AV Club‘s Caroline Siede appreciates the episode’s “streamlined” nature, concluding “‘Falling’ trims the fat with remarkable confidence, leaving behind Supergirl’s most effortless episode yet.” Joshua Yehl’s IGN review betrays a bit more surprise with the same conclusion: “While her turning evil for an episode thanks to a gimmick might not sound that compelling, it actually made for one of the best episodes of the series so far.”

The Rest of the Night:


Better Call Saul – 9.0

Bates Motel – 8.3

The Magicians – 7.8

11.22.63 – 7.3

Gotham – 6.1

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