Sunday’s Best Reviewed: The Carmichael Show

In a refreshing surprise, newcomer The Carmichael Show — vehicle for super-talented young writer and stand-up Jerrod Carmichael — wins a crowded Sunday night. The tautly written sitcom scores right out of the box, beating stalwarts like GirlsShameless, and even a Carol-centric The Walking Dead. 

Sunday, March 13th’s Best: The Carmichael Show (9.3/10)


The Carmichael Show proved itself more than just an above average sitcom, but an up-and-coming program to be watched with a pilot and follow-up to remember. And they did not take the easy route, taking on the Coz with all his power and all his skeeziness right at the open. Joshua Alston of AV Club gives him full credit: “it feels fresh and transgressive because of Carmichael’s willingness to examine different perspectives without judgment.” Pilot Viruet at Vulture added that the new show was “refreshing and funny.”

The Rest of the Night:


Shameless – 9.0

The Last Man on Earth – 8.7

Bob’s Burgers – 8.5

Girls – 8.3

Once Upon a Time – 8.1

Togetherness – 8.0

The Walking Dead – 7.7

Quantico – 7.6

Vinyl – 6.1

The Family – 6.0

The Simpsons – 5.0

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