What to Watch: 03/13/2016

There’s plenty to watch tonight, from your Sunday staples (GirlsOnce Upon a Time) to returning sitcoms (The Carmichael Show). The CBS stable is all repeats, however, until you get to CSI: Cyber. Patricia Arquette will not be stopped.

Navani’s Pick
Girls [HBO, 10p]
Will Hannah and Fran’s relationship survive her phone snooping? Are Jessa and Adam going to give up this “just friends” bit? Will Marnie ever stop being so annoying?

Katherine’s Pick
The Carmichael Show [ABC, 9 p]
It’s the second season premiere of ABC’s funny, underrated sitcom created by and starring Jerrod Carmichael.

Also On Tap Tonight:

  • Lisa volunteers for the one-way Mars mission on The Simpsons, airing on Fox.
  • The Family continues its slow unraveling on NBC. Is that the missing kid, or is he an unhinged fraud?
  • After spending last week in space, at sea, and in Florida, The Last Man on Earth returns to the gang in California. Meanwhile, one hopes, Phil’s brother is speeding across America’s deserted highways for a reunion. Maybe your editors already know–tonight’s episode rolled into Hulu Friday afternoon.
  • ESPN’s 30 for 30 commemorates the 2006 Duke lacrosse scandal, which most of us would probably rather not remember.
  • For some reason a 90-minute, not new, episode of Scorpion is airing on CBS instead of Madame Secretary or The Good Wife.

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