What to Watch: 03/12/2016

Like our interests, tonight’s picks, and tonight’s airings, run the gamut. Your regular newsmagazine staples are repeats, though you’re invited to get sucked in to potentially unsolved murder mysteries. Beyond our editorial picks, you’ll find plenty of critically-acclaimed films on cable.

Navani’s Pick
Party Over Here [FOX, 11pm]
Fox is giving SNL a run for their money in their new sketch comedy series.

Katherine’s Pick
Last Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill [HBO, 9 p]
See Audra McDonald as Billie Holiday in this Broadway smash, filmed live at Cafe Brasil in New Orleans.

Also On Tap Tonight:

  • Almost nothing is new tonight (even Dateline is a repeat) save for Untold Stories of the E.R. on TLC and Ghost Adventures on Travel.
  • Comedy Central is showing Zoolander, if you were planning on seeing the sequel at the matinee, tomorrow.
  • And Paul Newman and Robert Redford’s The Sting is on TMC. It won the Best Picture Oscar for 1973.

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