Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: American Crime Story

It’s a Ford Bronco of a runaway as American Crime Story leads the Tuesday pack with a thrilling episode focused on star-crossed prosecutor Marcia Clark. Sarah Paulson’s performance has been quietly brilliant all season, but in this near-concept episode, she coaxes out the emotion and humanity in a figure long-defined in the minds of many over 30. The remainder of the night is mixed-at-best as thinker sci-fi Limitless continues to exceed expectations. New Girl‘s return of Jess/Zooey is polarizing (Vulture loves it, while TV Fanatic felt it fell “extremely flat”). Critics — including Screen Savers’ own — agreed, however that the usually solid Fresh Off the Boat struck an unoriginal sitcommy note last night with an episode that tried to find Randall Park’s Louis some friends.

Tuesday, March 9th’s Best: American Crime Story (9.5/10)


Marcia Clark, for many reasons both fair and not-so-fair, never quite clicked with America’s heartstrings as the prosecutor of the Crime of the Century[TM]. However, Sarah Paulson’s measured performance and this week’s American Crime Story focused on her character add some nuance and depth to the public figure. AV Club‘s Pilot Viruet notes the running theme of the poison of “fame” while dubbing it an “unforgettable episode” that is “definitely in the running for best television episode of this season.” Terri Schwartz at IGN issues a rare (and unequivocal) perfect 10, adding “this was Paulson’s episode through and through, and she earned every minute of screentime she was given.”

The Rest of the Night:


Limitless – 8.3

New Girl – 7.3

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 6.3

Pretty Little Liars – 5.8

Fresh Off the Boat – 5.0

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