What to Watch: 03/08/2016

While Tuesday is a great night for comedy, and we’re recommending a new one, along with a thoughtful documentary about gender bias in the movie industry and the continuing adventures of the author of If I Did It — this one focuses on beleaguered head prosecutor and its title finally makes the obvious Brady Bunch pun.

American Crime Story [FX, 10p]
Sarah Paulson’s Marcia Clark has been one continuous ball of agitation and cigarette smoke, as things either don’t go her way or set up events which — because we were there — we know won’t go her way. Tonight’s episode focuses on the star-crossed lawyer as the trial marches on and things just get worse and even more nervous breakdowny.

The Real O’Neals [ABC, 8:30p]
The family try to observe Lent for Eileen, which they find difficult. Eilieen is admittedly more observant than my own mother, but take it from me, O’Neal kids, you have to be a senior in college before you can give up Christianity for Lent.

The 4%: Film’s Gender Problem [EPIX, 8p]
Fitting on International Women’s Day to have a conversation about women and gender in Hollywood. Directed by Caroline Suh, the six-part docu-series explores and breaks down the gender disparity in the movie business.


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