Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Downton Abbey

The online critics agree with us that last night — in addition to being jam-packed — was an A-1 quality evening on the telly. And it was Downton Abbey‘s unfathomable plethora of happy endings that ultimately won the day. Was it manipulative? Without a doubt; however, it was everything for which a Downton fan could hope. The sometimes dour Togetherness scores a winning night with a focus on Brett & Alex’s friendship beyond the relationships. The Alexandrians, with Rick at the forefront, come together to take the fight — and its a brutal one — to new enemy, the Saviors, as Negan and Lucille loom over all on The Walking Dead.

Sunday, March 6th’s Best: Downton Abbey (9.6/10)


Playing off the Dowager Countess’ final burn, Jen Chaney of Vulture eulogizes the long-running and hailed series as one that “provides more than the English version of a happy ending. It’s an ending that’s happy by any standard.” She adds, “it was impossible to watch this last episode with anything other than a full heart and warm affection. This show will be deeply missed.” And that was pretty well the consensus. TV Fanatic‘s Caralynn Lippo sums it up: “It was as perfect a closing moment as one could hope for from a monumental series like this: The reluctant end of an era.” Emily L. Stephens at AV Club bids goodbye in as earnest a way as the series. “Downton Abbey, I’ve loved you for your beauty and your excesses, despite your often careless writing and erasure of honest conflict,for your melodrama and your humor. For good or bad, we’ve been together a long time, and I’ll miss you.

The Rest of the Night:


Togetherness – 9.3

The Walking Dead – 8.6

Girls – 8.3

The Last Man on Earth – 8.2

Shameless – 8.0

Billions – 8.0

Vinyl – 8.0

Once Upon a Time – 7.5

Bob’s Burgers – 7.0

The Good Wife – 6.4

Quantico – 5.9


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