What to Watch: 03/06/2016

It’s the busiest Sunday in ages: Rick and the Alexandrians are wading through a sea of walkers to take the fight to the mysterious Negan, while an exemplary spouse tries to find some time alone with a guy who looks an awful bit like Negan (or as we’ve been advised Negan will ultimately look. It’s a Downton Abbey Christmas (this time for real). A fellow Brit takes on a new political subject in this new post-Drumpf universe. There’s cops and Girls and drugged-out record execs and post-apocalyptic survivors and Our Favorite Family and…and…and…well, let’s just jump into it.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
So, just as Rick and the gang had cast their lot with the Alexandrians, in comes long-haired Jesus and a food crunch, and they’re off to wage war with the villain for whom all the cool comic-book fans have been waiting. This won’t end well, but these eventful episodes are generally where The Walking Dead thrives.

Quantico [ABC, 10p]
Only the best and brightest come to FBI training center Quantico, so it’s hard to believe one of the recruits could be responsible in plotting the biggest terror attack on NYC. In this ep, new recruits join Alex’s group. 

The Good Wife [CBS, 9p]
The grand jury proceedings against Peter begin. Is it so wrong, in this FINAL SEASON, to root for the witch to burn?



  • Last week on Last Week, John Oliver took on the man whose name he dared not utter, and attempted to abort that power by changing said name. Donald Drumpf would go on to continue making the political process great again by throwing around bottled water as Rubio sweat and measuring his…well, you know what happened this week. In any case, in a world overloaded by Trump jokes, Oliver found the funniest dagger of wit to throw at the current clown king, and maybe there’s a chance he didn’t miss. And that’s why if you’re not already, you NEED to be watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver every week it’s on HBO.
  • Oh, Edith, poor poor Edith…well, and unintentional madam Miss Patmore and Thomas the Formerly Evil Footman and, well…Downton Abbey is such a gentle, enveloping (if manipulative) show at times, it’s hard not to want things to work out for some of the more star-crossed characters. At least we know poor beleaguered, kind Mr. Mosley gets a happy ending. And it’s Yuletide 1925, so let’s see what the Grantham Clan draw from the Christmas miracle well, for one last episode.
  • While few would label any time in the last decade of The Simpsons its Golden Age[TM], the Lisa episodes have often been on par with the long-running program’s 1990s offerings. Lisa’s love of animals has her exploring the veterinary profession, and that is the writers’ wheelhouse.
  • ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns, as the Disney-character menagerie tries to rescue Hook.
  • Afterwards, on the same network, The Family — while the thriller did not earn good marks for its pilot — perhaps, a new night will do it some good.
  • If you like your post-apocalypse lighter than AMC’s fare, things are getting winsomely weird (even weirder) on Fox’s The Last Man on Earth as the titular Last Man’s brother hurtles…well, let’s not say too much.
  • There’s all that and VinylBillionsTogetherness, and the not overly astonishing return of Caitlin Jenner.


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