What to Watch: 03/05/2016

There’s a whole lotta Hill going on tonight as two-time Oscar nominee Jonah (that still feels weird to say) takes his fourth turn at saying “we have a great show for you,” this time Future is there. Also it’s the final episode of one of the most illuminating (and often literally luminous) shows of all time.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Jonah Hill has never truly owned the SNL hosting gig, but he’s always at least adequate, and that six-year-old Catskills comic bit is always endearing.

Superbad [Encore, 8p]
In a long conversation about the Oscars, I revealed to my mom that I’m not a total snob, really, because Superbad is one of my favorite movies…but Mom, if you make me watch Harvest Moon on Hallmark tonight, I won’t visit you again until Thanksgiving. Not when I can watch the sweet film about teenage friendship from Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.



  • On the good timing tip, as we welcome in new Ghostbusters, we say goodbye to Mythbusters — those mustachioed blokes who let us know if Mentos in soda would combust among other things. It’s on Discovery, of course, and what else would it be rated but “E” for explosive. There’s also a reunion episode and a re-airing of the first episode. No word on if they are testing milking it for all it’s got.
  • If you crave new scripted shows, your Saturday night offerings are pretty much limited to pirate drama Black Sails on Starz and longest running fictional show on the planet Doctor Who on BBC.

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