What to Watch: 03/04/2016

Friday’s aren’t always eventful, but tell that to President Frank Underwood who returns to Netflix in complete House of Cards season style (is he bingeworthy? we think so). Otherwise, there’s the usual supernatural suspects, as well as a PBS take on a country music legend.

House of Cards [Netflix, midnight]
There is only one way to go from the top. Looking forward to the demise of Frank Underwood as he steps into his role as president.

Loretta Lynn: Still A Mountain Girl [PBS, 9p]
An American Masters profile of the first lady of country (and folk, and songwriters, and sequined dresses, and…), Loretta Lynn.

Grimm [NBC, 9p]
The evil machinations of Black Claw continue to vex Grimm and the rest of his mystery team. It’s honestly been quite the thrillride these past few weeks. Also, there should be many chances for bewildered wesen (manbeasts) to chirp “You’re a Grimm?!?!”



  • Grimm‘s NBC companion piece Sleepy Hollow continues to stare deeper into the abyss as Abbie descends into madness.
  • Last week’s weekend review champion The Vampire Diaries returns as too many plotlines to recount are poised to collide.

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