Thursday’s Best Reviewed: The 100

An unexpected tragedy strikes the post-apocalyptic landscape of The 100 and the resultant spectacle propels the CW program to its first Thursday night win. The night is packed with dramas — both well-received and ones that fall flat — with a pair of unconventional comedies in the middle. Bringing up the rear was the pilot for the enigmatic The Family. Perhaps Katherine was right when she speculated over confusion as to what it was all about.

Thursday, March 3rd’s Best Reviewed: The 100 (9.1/10)


In a twisty, turny episode of The 100, we’ve got allegiances shifting, deceptions looming, and one big shocker at the end which should let you know that spoilers positively abound both here and in the clicked reviews. While reviewers are unanimously upset by a major character’s death [we’ll give you some spoil-buffer here], acceptance comes in the marveling over an exquisite offering. Eric Goldman at IGN deems the demise “necessary” and predictable given the actress who played Lexa’s status as a regular on another show, but contends “it was actually just one part in what was a really fascinating, engrossing episode.” AV Club‘s Kyle Fowle declares it “a stunning episode of television, even if some of the events that paved the way here remain shoddy at best. It’s an episode that, quite remarkably, manages to balance detailed backstory and mythology with genuine emotion and huge dramatic stakes.”

The Rest of the Night:


How to Get Away with Murder – 8.8

Vikings – 8.4

You, Me, and the Apocalypse – 8.3

Baskets – 8.0

Colony – 7.0

Grey’s Anatomy – 6.8

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 6.4

Elementary – 6.2

The Family – 5.8

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