What to Watch: 03/03/2016

Tonight’s got aliens and vikings, cops and stoners, designers and cooks, not to mention the endless drama of a synced-up Shondaland, so let’s go right into our suggestions:

The Family [ABC 9p]
In the pilot of this new…thriller?…a Maine politician, who made her career out of the murder of her son, wonders if his reappearance is genuine. Everything is thrown into chaos, including the conviction of the boy’s murderer.

Colony [USA, 10p]
Everything’s coming to a head on this gritty, if at times ridiculous, alien dystopia drama. Will and Kate and the Resistance have to come to a head pretty hard, tout suite.

Shades of Blue [NBC, 10p]
Somehow Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) has managed to keep Wozniak totally off her trail for the whole season which completely baffles me so now I just have to see how this plays out.



  • It’s time for the Project Runway unconventional challenge, All-Star edition. Beloved by fans, dreaded by designers, it’s the contest that produces some of the most head-turning looks of any season.
  • Forget about it, rest of ratings night, it’s Shondaland.
  • If you’re feeling throwback, and want to really throw back — like a millennium back — you can’t do any better than Vikings on the History Channel. Gotta ransack something! Also, if you feel the only problem with The Revenant was not enough bear attacks (see above still).
  • If you’re dreaming of a green Thursday night, there’s always the Comedy Central double-shot of Workaholics and Idiotsitter.

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