Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: Star Wars Rebels?!?!

Ok, did not see this coming. On a day when most reviewers and recappers seem to be sleeping off a bender (except for all the procedural scribes on TV Fanatic), the winner of the night comes at us from a galaxy far, far away. Animated Star Wars offshoot Star Wars Rebels (which features some impressive voice casting) generally gets good reviews, but not enough to warrant inclusion. Only four shows qualify (and mostly barely and one just added as I write this) today, and what does receives mostly middling-to-good reviews. The usually stalwart Broad City gets mixed reviews for a valiant episode which finds the ladies job prospects going in opposite directions, following a torrid start. Last week’s champion American Crime also draws markedly mixed reviews as it ramps up for next week’s finale. Younger finds its heroine romancing, while doing business, with a farmer/aspiring writer, and the sparks — or lack thereof — leaves its recapper fans a bit cold.

Wednesday, March 2nd’s Best: Star Wars Rebels (8.6/10)


For the first time in this publication’s brief history, an animated show takes our reviewers’ battle. Star Wars Rebels features the gravitas of its behemoth source (including the baritone of James Earl Jones’ original Darth Vader). Eric Goldman of IGN deems the episode “amazing,” and concludes it is “a very cool, intriguing episode that offered a ton to chew on.” AV Club‘s Kevin Johnson adds “the more intimate character studies have been a welcome treatment thus far.”

The Rest of the Night:


American Crime – 8.0

TV Fanatic awards American Crime a perfect score and finds it “a refreshing change of pace when almost everyone was taking some responsibility for their actions,” adding it “set[s] things up perfectly for the explosive season finale.” However, Pilot Viruet of AV Club questions the show’s slow-pace and bemoans its lack of payoff, noting “when it finally gets there, it elicits just an acknowledging head nod rather than a sense of fulfillment.”

Broad City – 7.5

Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya of AV Club loves this week’s episode, calling out the writers’ “impressive ability to weave elements of the past back into the show without ever feeling repetitive.” Vulture‘s Jenny Jaffe is less impressed, but doesn’t consider it a bad episode, concluding “it’s not the first episode I’d show someone who wants to see what the cult of Broad City is all about. This wasn’t All Caps Broad City; this was case-sensitive Broad City.”

Younger – 7.0

Carissa Pavlica of TV Fanatic liked this week’s episode enough to give it 4 out of 5 stars and had some funny observations about the peculiar necessity of those commercials. AV Club‘s Alexa Planje takes her frustration from the show out on both it and guest star Glee’s Matthew Morrison, opining “even Will Schuester deserves better than this episode.”

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