Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: American Crime Story

Christopher Darden faces off against Johnny Cochran in Judge Ito’s courtroom as the 20th Century’s final Trial Of is heating up. American Crime Story continues to draw real and spectacular reviews from all comers. Otherwise, it’s a gloomy Tuesday, as other than usual cellar dweller The Shannara Chronicles rising up after we questioned why any publication bothered with coverage, it was the day of the sixes (roughly a B-). Marvel’s Agent Carter goes out somewhere between a whimper and a thud, in a second season finale that is likely its final toll. Similarly, the 2015-16 version of The Muppets has had few takers for its darker take on the felt legends, and the first half of its likely series ender also falls flat. While long-awaited kisses have been a boon for other shows, New Girl fails to gin up critical passions as the new “New Girl” gets closer to Nick and cricket chirps fly.

Tuesday, March 1st’s Best: American Crime Story (9.3/10)


In an episode unsubtly titled “The Race Card,” attorneys Christopher Darden and Johnny Cochran rise to the forefront of their extensive legal teams and the result is golden. AV Club‘s Pilot Viruet dubs it the “best episode yet,” and when the pair face off “the result is pure electricity,” and it’s a “real, visceral disappointment when the episode fades to black.” Terri Schwartz of IGN agrees, marveling at how the show can “nail an opening.”

The Rest of the Night:

The Shannara Chronicles – 7.9

New Girl – 6.7

Marvel’s Agent Carter – 6.6

Pretty Little Liars – 6.3

The Muppets – 6.0


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