What to Watch: 03/01/2016

Hey everybody, it’s March, and things are heating up. Whatever it is Kendrick, Nick, and Boylew are looking at slightly to the left of you, it must be truly, truly outrageous! We wish we were you.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 9p]
Jake and Amy housesit for Captain Holt but inexplicably lose one of his dogs (by the way, Amy is allergic to dogs).

New Girl [Fox, 8p]
Reagan finally added some depth and vulnerability and restored hope to New Girl prime. This week it’s a classic sitcom trope as Nick & Reagan funnel their tension into a steamy air conditioning battle. Also, Winston + cop voice means I’m there.

Noisey [Viceland, 10p]
Named after Vice’s music vertical, this documentary series explores the world’s most controversial music scenes and the communities that breed them. In tonight’s inaugural ep host Zach Goldbaum speaks to Kendrick Lamar in Bompton.


  • The Muppets get a shot at redemption in the first half of its season one finale on ABC.
  • FOX’s often excellent show The Grinder tries to figure itself out while Rob Lowe’s “Grinder” character tried to do the same.

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