Monday’s Best Reviewed: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

With an episode containing dual Becca proxies, epiphanic revelations, a rap battle, and a multitude of breakthrough moments, Rachel Bloom’s remarkable musical comedy wins Monday once again. While it’s hazy as to where it could possibly pick up from all the crazy changes laid down in the cast’s crazy trip to Los Angeles court, the writers have proven more than up to the challenge so far. Overall, it was a fairly tepid night as Better Call Saul‘s Saul (or Jimmy) digs further into the darkness to mixed reviews, and Gotham returns to mostly crickets. Oh, and the sci-fi rollercoaster ride that is The Magicians continues with an episode received like a dead eel.

Monday, February 29th’s Best: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (9.1/10)


Promises, disses, and kisses were flung far and wide in an eventful (to say the least) episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a show which has stirred critics and developed a deep cult following, if not the audience necessary to not fear the ratings reaper’s scythe. “Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!” brought transformative change to almost every major player, along with some surprise flashes from, until now, background figures like Johnny Ray Meeks’ absurdly upbeat bar manager Kevin. Allsion Shoemaker at AV Club applauds the show’s, well, nuanced, use of its lead, as “the series has proved, time and again, that it refuses to do what’s expected, or to pigeonhole its antiheroine. She’s awful and kind, selfish and generous, delusional and clear-headed, steady and a hot mess.” Vulture‘s Halle Kiefer’s final words, in reference to the coolest of crush-letter table-turning codas, sum up what most fans and critics are feeling: “Gold. Pure gold.”

The Rest of the Night:

Jane the Virgin – 7.7

Gotham – 7.4

Better Call Saul – 7.4

Supergirl – 6.6

The Magicians – 4.5

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