What to Watch: 02/29/2016

It’s Leap Day, when anything can happen, yet it’s a pretty ordinary day on the TV schedule. However, there are great programs running from charming lawyers with a sense of shade to a faux news vanguard to the return of a superhero and his huge assortment of foil villains to the wonderfully quirky CW lineup of Virgins who may not be so virginal and Crazy Exes who definitely are pretty cray.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [CW, 8p]
Rebecca and Josh travel to sunny Los Angeles (how many hours from the beach?) AND CONFRONT THEIR LONG-BURIED FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, god, let Paula watch the whole thing, she deserves this too!

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Love Trevor Noah, and not particularly disappointed, but Sam Bee is truly starting to show she is the true heir to Jon Stewart’s brand of faux news, as she gins up the anger over things we, well, should be angry about. For example, when others were obsessed with Carson and Trump’s halted entrance to a debate, she found humor in the actual f’ed-up debate. It’s too bad she’s not daily.

Mon 2/29/16 TruInside [TruTV, 10p]
Documentary series profiling  comedy’s biggest names kicks off with interviews from the cast and crew from the cult classic Airplane.


  • Two episodes in and Better Call Saul is still the glorious array of colorful sad sacks that you root for despite knowing where they end up. On AMC.
  • It’s the return of the darkness that is the often-brilliant, often breathtakingly silly Gotham on FOX.
  • Things heated up  last week and we’ve seen two straight loftily reviewed episodes of Jane the Virgin on the CW, so no reason the 35th Chapter can’t be more of the same.
  • Angie Tribeca and ferrets, what could possibly go wrong? It does…and it’s marvelous. Kerri Kinney-Silver guests.

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