Weekend’s Best Reviewed: The Vampire Diaries

Never thought I’d be listing The CW’s little long-running bloodsucker soap at the top of this column, but there you have it. Up is down, black is white — and speaking of the Oscars, it was a light schedule due to the Academy Awards and its surrounding events. Chris Rock went on a brilliant rant about OscarsSoWhite, with sketches that were more hit than miss, John Oliver diatribed delightfully against Donald Drumpf, and the Alexandrians learned they were not alone in the post-apocalyptic universe.

Weekend’s Best: The Vampire Diaries (9.3/10)


Characters from spin-off The Originals circled back around to their original show and as Carrie Raisler at AV Club puts it, as long as you ignore all the illogic and plot holes, it’s “a pretty darn satisfying episode.” TV Fanatic‘s Miranda Wicker concurs, loves the crossover, and raves “they need to happen a hell of a lot more often.”

The Rest of the Night:

Sleepy Hollow – 9.0

Girls – 8.2

Togetherness – 8.0

The Walking Dead – 7.9

Vinyl – 7.3

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