What to Watch: 02/28/2016

It’s the most wonderful niiiiight of the year. Unfortunately, some people were dreaming too much of a white Oscars, but it’s still a wonderland for movie fans. There’s even some other programming on, apparently. Some major show from across the pond decided to end its U.S. run this same day. There’s got to be a Dowager Countess line for this. Also, check out Katherine’s wonderful, thorough Oscar coverage here if you haven’t yet!

The 88th Academy Awards [ABC, 8p]
Chris Rock hosts a particularly controversial year, which had better award Carol like, everything.

The 88th Academy Awards [ABC, 8p]
After all the controversy over #oscarsoswhite this year the question whether to skip the awards weighed heavy on me but it turns out my loyalty to Chris Rock trumps all.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Yeah, yeah, I’ll be watching the Oscars, but in that time of filler and bizarre musical numbers in between Supporting Actor/Actress and the final flurry of awards, there’s time to switch over to see the first post-Richonne day, and find out exactly what Jesus the Escape Artist has to say to them.


  • Vinyl on HBO has been polarizing, but many have loved it. Third episode airs tonight.
  • Later on It’s Not Television, we got angst and more angst with Girls and Togetherness.
  • And then there’s the end of the line for the Grantham Family, as they celebrate Christmas 1925 and for the love of [insert higher being here], let Edith catch a break! Downton Abbey on PBS tonight, of course.

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