What to Watch: 02/26/2016

Tonight’s biggest news is the return of a classic 1990s TV family, as the Tanners (save two twins who shall remain unnamed) return on Netflix with Fuller House. There’s also quirky sci-fi and a classic good-bad waves flick.

Fuller House [Netflix, 12:01 a]
The gang returns as a newly widowed DJ enlists the help of BFF Kimmy and little sis Stephanie to raise her three kids together under one roof.

Sleepy Hollow [FOX, 8p]
The time-traveling, dimension-bending show has been on a guilty-pleasure inducing roll, but tonight they get a bit more serious as Jenny meets her estranged dad.

Blue Crush [Encore, 8p]
Late February–fine, all of February–is my favorite time to take in this 2002 classic about a hotel maid who dreams of returning to the pro-surf world.

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