What to Watch: 02/25/2016

Holy Bazingas, Batman! There’s a lot of show out there to be had, both our picks and beyond, from highly-opinionated directors to sad sack clowns, but let’s start things off with a well-crafted little show with an insane ensemble that’s not getting nearly enough attention.

Life in Pieces [CBS, 8:30p]
Despite its well-executed and clever four stories-weaved-into-one concept, appealing characters, and crisp writing, Life in Pieces has practically slid under the radar. Tonight’s episode features pets throwing shade, sext misadventures, and two one-time couples in disarray.

The Big Bang Theory [CBS, 8p]
Adam West–yes, really–is Sheldon’s birthday guest. Holy smokes, Batman!

Night Class: Great Minds with Dan Harmon [History, 11:30p]
The History Channel is dipping their toe into comedy this year with their spin on Drunk History. Dan Harmon has a time machine and he uses it to bring famous historical figures to the present for conversation. Throw in some of today’s best comedians including Sarah Silverman, Jason Sudeikis, Dana Carvey, Aubrey Plaza and ta-da, potential for a new favorite show.


  • FX’s Baskets has been proving itself as one of the most funny, and surprisingly darkly moving, shows on television. This week’s episode is simply described as “an evening with the family” and would appear to feature a second set of Baskets twins. Well, click on the title for the trailer, as our words don’t do the surreal show justice.
  • Colonyon USA, frequently has “won” Thursday night, and with Will and Katie close to having their secrets revealed, and marriage surely slightly shaken, it should contend for our “trophy” again this week.
  • If you’re digging on some Sherlock Holmes stories, CBS’s Elementary has been a reliably entertaining lark — and Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu tend to elevate any lacking material.
  • It’s the Jillian Bell block on Comedy Central, as Workaholics celebrates Ders Day and Idiotsitter throws a fake prom.
  • Let’s close this book with Shondaland, unfolding all night on ABC.

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