Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: American Crime

Last night brought a bounty of television treasure, including a deeply thought-provoking appointment episode (verging on Very Special, but genuinely deeper) that marked a high point for a promising young sitcom; however, easily the most acclaimed show of the night was anthology series American Crime — an episode dealing with the aftermath of sensational revelations. Blackish earned top marks for taking on the specter of police brutality — as the Johnson family watch unfolding television coverage of an African-American man killed by police and debates rage while tempers run high.

In lighter takes, Dennis takes the bar on the road (Paddy’s Wagon) as a paint-swilling Charlie bests a “leprechaun” with the sort of madness on which It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia thrives. Broad City garners its usual love as it separates the ladies, Abbi imitates Ilana, Ilana throws the most absurd and unreadable love fit in history at Lincoln, and Melissa Leo guests as an uncompromising co-op commandant.

Wednesday, February 24th’s Best: American Crime (10.0/10)


How does a program follow up a provocative thriller of an episode that ends in a school shooting. American Crime just continues, as AV Club‘s Pilot Viruet puts it, “doing amazing things with television this season.” Most critics have observed the show’s marked improvement over its already praised, if uneven, first season. Viruet credits how “i heavier, it’s darker, it’s downright traumatic at points. Yet it’s not operating purely under dramatic flair; American Crime is aiming to do something important and it’s actually following through.” Brian Tallerico at Vulture hails “Episode Eight” as the show’s “most well-rounded ensemble performance,”while TV Fanatic‘s Samantha McAllister gasps the question,”who else is still trying to catch their breath?”

The Rest of the Night:

Blackish – 9.5

Broad City – 9.5

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 9.3

Younger – 9.3

Arrow – 7.3

Supernatural – 7.0

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