What to Watch: 02/24/2016

On a Wednesday night with a whole bunch of options, we’re unanimously recommending comedy to soothe your mid-week ennui — or fire up your emotions at least in one case.

Blackish [ABC, 9:30p]
Art imitates life so it was only a matter of time before someone on primetime would tackle the current events revolving around police brutality and injustice. I can’t think of a better show to take this on so I will def be tuned in to this much necessary dialogue.

Broad City [Comedy Central, 10p]
Abbi and Ilana opened their third season on a high note with a hilarious farce played out on NYC streets en route from an aborted brunch to a disastrous gallery visit. This week, the pair split-up as Abbi pretends to be Ilana at a food co-op and Ilana drops in her doctor.

The Goldbergs [ABC, 8:30p]
Barry is inspired by Eddie the Eagle, whose biopic comes out this Friday, and was also a notorious failure at the 1988 Olympics.


  • Criminal Minds has been balancing its gore with some of the best writing of its long CBS run. Tonight, the BAU gang “wheels up” to a case of a serial killer apparently familiar to his or her victims.
  • On NBC, on another veteran crime program SVU, a movie star’s possible walk on a rape charge rankles one of our hero
  • If you’re a fan of disasters striking sitcoms, a powerful storm hits L.A., including the extended Pritchard family on ABC’s cash cow Modern Family.
  • MTV brings back Catfish: The Series, if you enjoy their deceptions.

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