Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

If Bravo makes the mistake of not renewing it, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce certainly went out with a bang in the form of the botched wedding of all botched weddings. Things fall apart, and even more dramatically on television, but Delia’s Wedding crash-landed in a fashion that had one reviewer comparing it to a classic disaster movie. But there’s got to be a morning after, and on this morning Girlfriends’ wins our round-up. CW’s underrated little undead program came close in the second with a pre-break episode that acted both as a conventional murder mystery and to move many of the ongoing storylines along. There’s nothing quite like a great voir dire episode, and American Crime Story continues to win with critics. Meanwhile, The Muppets continues to disappoint some, while delighting others with an episode that hints at reviving a classic TV couple. As for The Shannara Chronicles, not sure why it keeps getting reviewed as no one seems to really like it.

Tuesday, February 23rd’s Best: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (9.5/10)


In a creator-penned episode, in which said creator Marti Noxon tore her universe to shred in one attempted nuptials, everything that can go wrong, does, as practically all the cast suffers their own mental breakdown. Gwen Ihnat of AV Club observes “at the end of the episode, everyone is so battered and stained, they look like the last six survivors of The Poseidon Adventure. But fortunately with expensive alcohol.” While TV Fanatic‘s Carissa Pavlica states the painful white horse in her opener: “Is there anything worse than watching a season finale of a favorite show when it hasn’t been renewed yet?”

The Rest of the Night:

iZombie – 9.4

American Crime Story 8.5

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 8.3

The Flash – 8.0

Fresh Off the Boat – 8.0

The Grinder – 8.0

Marvel’s Agent Carter – 7.6

New Girl – 7.3

Pretty Little Liars – 6.8

The Muppets – 6.1

The Shannara Chronicles – 5.8

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