Our Tuesday Quick Bite Reviews

This new feature contains our quick takes on last night’s viewed programs. Our grades will be factored into the daily wrap-ups of recaps and reviews across the web

Fresh Off the Boat – A
0224boatEmery’s poor grades lead to Jessica obsessing over his future as a flight attendant (as opposed to a doctor). Emery is a natural and eventually trained by Billie Jean King. Meanwhile, Evan is bullied at school, and after Eddie’s advice fails, it is revealed that his bully is…a girl. Everything this week was so very ‘90s, from Eddie’s rugby shirts and Emery’s Success Perm, to Eddie’s inclusion of an adult to get Evan out of his Pog gambling debt. A relief compared to last week’s oddly modern cyber bullying.
-Katherine M. Hill

The Muppets – B+

0224muppetsA definitely sweet — old-school sweet — Muppets as Robin returns in a fragile state and Uncle Kermit and Aunt MISS Piggy are determined to not let him know about their break-up. Meanwhile, some great Gonzo and Camilla humor, as Pepe and Rizzo mourn the absence of their big-nosed wingman as they try to court guest star Lara Spencer. It’s not a laugh-a-minute, but if it heads towards pig-and-frog restoration, it’s forgivable.
-Jason Thurston

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – A-

0224brooklynA complex episode full of many moving parts as A-, B-, C- (and I think there’s even a D-plot in there) intermingle with Jason Mantzoukas as a cop returning from deep undercover, in one of those insanely intense comic roles Mantzoukas owns. It’s all quite silly, but almost disquietingly funny — also, points for the M.C. Guffin reference.
-Jason Thurston

iZombie – A

0224izombieWorking in Seattle, a coffeeshop episode was inevitable as the rain, and not only is the seminar-sunshiny-positive shop owner victim a fun persona for Liv, but the mystery that ensues contains Columbo or Poirot level twists and turns and multiple suspects and deceptions. Meanwhile, the ongoing feud for control of the city and the strings of Liv’s heart moves along subtly and swiftly in the background, including a couple major shockers of twists there.
-Jason Thurston

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce – A-
Imagine if every corner of your personal and professional life came crashing down on you at once. Then multiply that by four. That basically sums up the season two finale of GGTD last night. Gordon walks down the aisle then out the door leaving Delia and threatening an annulment. Abby’s career hangs on a thread as her publisher tells her the book she handed in is crap AND she is part of an escort scandal. Jo’s ex-husband shows up drunk off the truth juice and announces Delia’s indiscretion to the entire reception party – so much for her saving face. Not only does Jo have to handle him she has to face her feelings for Scott. Jake shows up with his ex-girlfriends baby who surprise, is actually Taye Diggs’ child and not his. It’s the most drama filled evening I’ve ever witnessed in life.

But if your whole world is spinning out of control there is no better group of gals to lean on I’m convinced. The ladies quickly get in formation. By the end of the night Delia has come to terms with the fact that she never wanted to get married, Abby parts ways with her awful publisher,  Jo opens up to the idea of taking Scott seriously and lastly, Phoebe announces she married JD. PHEW. We are left with tons of questions including where’s Becca? Who is supposed to take care of this Taye Diggs baby now? Why were all the brisdesmaids in white? But in the end, friendship and dance parties conquer all and for that alone it gets a top grade from me.  – Navani Otero


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