What to Watch: 02/23/2016

A few February finales tonight, including one for a critical favorite on the renewal bubble, a legendary tennis trailblazer, and wine both drunk and thrown are on our agenda tonight.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce [Bravo, 10p]
After the debacle that was Delia’s wedding day can she and Gordon survive her scandal and move forward? Will Jake and Abby give it another go? So many questions for tonight’s season finale.

Fresh Off the Boat [ABC, 8p]
They had me at Michael Chang in the episode title, then clinched it with Billie Jean King. Constance Wu as a tennis mom also has its allure.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills [Bravo, 9p]
The ladies all show up (and get into a nasty fight, natch) for a charity spin class, which, as I recall, is the plot for the first episode of Odd Mom Out. Bless you, Bravo.


  • We keep hearing Limitless has gotten good. It’s on CBSssssss.
  • The trial begins with the selection of the jury on American Crime Story on FX, as does Travolta Trainwreck Watch 2016 — honestly, I don’t think his Shapiro is nearly as bad as people are making it out to be.
  • The Grinder grinds, because that what he do. Actually he tries very hard not to. And that’s just what FOX wants us to think!
  • iZombie’s Liv Moore eats the brain of a font of positivity, forgets her troubles, gets happy, and inspires one of my favorite episode titles of the year.

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