Monday’s Best Reviewed: Jane the Virgin

As Jane flirts with an action that would theoretically necessitate the show to alter its title (and no she’s not changing her name to Bob), the critical raves roll in. Jane and Jonathan are getting closer on Jane the Virgin and it helps lead “Episode Thirty-Four” to a TV Fanatic’s 0.1 shy of a perfect score. Better Call Saul‘s lead character continued to con in his first days on the job at Davis & Main, and reviews are consistently above average. As for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, while there’s a general agreement among the blogs that Rebecca has gone a bit far off the deep end and it’s a dangerous plank, but that the unique musical comedy is still a lot of fun. The X-Files finale, on the other hand, landed with a thud as the word “mess” figured in pretty much every review.

Monday, February 22nd’s Best: Jane the Virgin (9.96/10)


In a complete episode that centered around Jane attempting to lose her virginity — and in the process render the show’s very title a lie — Jane the Virgin pleased its fans and sent reviewers into the vapors. Kathryn VanArandonk of Vulture opened with: “This is a great episode for Our Beloved Narrator. This is a fun episode for Tiago, Time-Traveling Feminist. This is a surprisingly satisfying episode for telenovela action sequences. This is an excellent matchup for Jane and Petra. This is a no-holds-barred, cards-on-the-table, heart-stoppingly good episode for #TeamMichael.” TV Fanatic’s Amanda Steinmetz raved “Episode Thirty-Four” “showcased all the wonderfully delightful aspects this series brings to television: heart, humor, and a heroine who manages to be relatable even when thrown into telenovela levels of storytelling.”

The Rest of the Night:

Better Call Saul – 8.5

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 7.7

Supergirl – 7.5

The Magicians – 6.9

The X-Files – 5.8


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