What to Watch: 02/20/2016

Even for a Saturday, today’s an especially Saturday-y Saturday, maybe not a sunless Saturday, but a not-much-on-the-tv sort of Saturday. There’s an almost complete absence of scripted shows (although the ones airing are not terrible, at least from what we’ve heard — well, see ALSO ON TAP), but if you find yourself at home and you’ve been binging on Forensic Files (as we all should be), there’s some options. Plus, it’s a great night for ’10s movies about whimsical women finding their inner strength.

Brave [ABCFam/Whatever It Is Now, 8p]
Pixar’s best film airs on ABC Fam tonight. Follow Merida as she rides, rides away from parents trying to marry her off in Ancient Scotland, and cheer for her as she proves her worthiness as a solo star. Merida is Disney’s only Princess without a Prince! (Frozen’s Anna hasn’t been inducted.)

Bridesmaids [E!, 9p]
Because when I think I’ve hit rock bottom in life I can watch this and remind myself that I don’t live with my mom nor have I ever been kicked off a flight. Cheers, Stove.

Dateline NBC: Saturday Night Mystery [NBC, 8pm]
Ok, so I really have been binging Forensic Files, but they are such bite-size little mysteries which are both schadenfraudily satisfying and tell stories from the darkest crevasses of the universe. Tonight’s Dateline is called “Footprints in the Dark” which portends two hours of hidden intrigue as they pull back the veil on the disappearance of a Montana mother of four.


  • The quality program we alluded to in the intro are by-some-metrics the longest running scripted show on air, Doctor Who, on BBC, and that pirate show we should probably all be watching (once we get through Vikings), Black Sails on Starz.
  • Otherwise, for new stuff, it’s reality shows galore — if you feel like watching perps in stained shirts running between ranch houses, there’s COPS, if your deal is supernatural spooksters, peep on Ghost Adventures on Travel, if you want to bust some myths (and dig men in funky ‘staches), we’re nearing the end of the run of Mythbusters on Discovery



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