What to Watch: 02/16/2016


Yaaaas…clearing throat sounds…I mean, yes, it’s the return of Screen Scholars’ favorite show of 2015, that absurdist, yet somehow also naturalist, collection of understated familiar moments, glorious bonds of friendship, and the most genuine representation of New York City we’ve seen in years. Season three begins with a search for a public bathroom and clothing issues and is titled “Two Chainz,” so basically yes, indeedy do, female monarchs out there! Also, that Lifetime movie actually sounds pretty damn fun.

Broad City [Comedy Central, 10p]
Finally, Abbi and Ilana are back! I want to make today a holiday to honor them and I will call it YASS KWEEN Day. And on that day we will take to the streets with our BFF and have ridiculously awesome adventures. But until then, we can get a taste on Wednesday nights. This season promises more mayhem as Ilana and Lincoln figure out their status, Abbi makes waves at work and Cynthia Nixon drops in.

Broad City [Comedy Central, 10p]
What Navani says works just fine for me.

Deadly Daycare [LMN, 8p]
A woman suspects that her daughter is being mistreated at daycare, but it turns out that Ren from Even Stevens is planning to kidnap and brainwash the girl as a long-con revenge.


  • ABC’s American Crime continues its improved, grittier second season
  • In fact, ABC’s whole line-up of sitcoms before has been on an upswing, with The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, and Black-ish.
  • Younger on TVLand won the reviewers’ hearts last week and there’s a music festival this week, a trope right in this under-heralded show’s wheelhouse.

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