Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

The worst of possible days leads to one of the best episodes on the up-and-coming Bravo series Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. The show sets up its second season finale with Abby celebrating a wedding that goes seven-ways awry. Other wins for the night include Marvel’s Agent Carter, which amped up its intrigue (and its villainy) in a double-episode, and American Crime Story, as it set up the trial pieces for O.J.’s appearance in front of the honorable (and memorable) Lance Ito. On the other end of the spectrum, The Muppets thuds with a wisp of an episode, evaporating the good will Miss Piggy’s tail-feminism had stirred last week, while New Girl‘s new girl Megan Fox falls a bit flat in her second viewing.

Tuesday, February 16th’s Best: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (9.5/10)


Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce‘s second season penultimate is titled “Everything Does NOT Happen for a Reason” as Abby’s friend Delia’s wedding disintegrates majestically; indeed as AV Club notes in its sub-headline, it is an “excellent no good, very bad day.” Gwen Ihnat praises the pacing into the finale, as”a lesser show would have ended the season with this wedding cliffhanger, but Girlfriends’ has shown to be complex and unexpected enough that next week there’s likely to be something even crazier in store.” Carissa Pavlica gives even further into its wiles in her TV Fanatic appraisal, admitting to unabashed weeping, comparing it to Pretty in Pink, and lauds how it “culminated in one of the best, most awesome displays of hot guy RomCom behavior ever shown on a primetime series” (sorry again, Duckie).

The Rest of the Night:

Marvel’s Agent Carter – 8.6

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. – 8.1

iZombie – 7.7

Limitless – 7.7

The Flash – 7.5

Fresh Off the Boat – 7.5

New Girl – 6.2

The Grinder – 6.0

Pretty Little Liar – 6.0

The Muppets – 5.7

The Shannara Chronicles – 3.5


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