What to Watch: 02/16/2016

In the aftermath of all of America — or was it half of your Facebook relatives — losing their collective poop over Beyonce expressing an opinion in between large men giving each other concussions, PBS’ look at the Black Panthers is a good chance for people to earn some perspective. At the very least, it’s a good source for us liberals to make sure we have our facts straight, particularly in light of bizarre comparisons to the KKK. Two out of three editors agree — actually the third editor also agrees, but since it’s a busy day, went elsewhere, and as the palest of the trio, chose the night’s zombie show.

Independent Lens [PBS, 9p]
Tonight’s Independent Lens features last year’s incredible, underrated The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. The documentary follows the rise of the Black Panthers, beginning with Huey P. Newton in Oakland in 1966. Following Beyonce’s nod at the Super Bowl last week, it’s more than fair to say that the allure and fascination continues (as it should) today.

Independent Lens [PBS, 9p]
After Beyonce’s Super Bowl show paying homage to the Black Panthers caused such a visceral response including a protest, it proves the group is still relevant as ever. Director Stanley Nelson tells the story of the Black Panther Party’s history and their pivotal role in the fight for civil  rights and American culture.

iZombie [CW, 9p]
Liv eats pathological liar brain, then tries to solve the crime, while taking on the characteristics of the victim (as is the underlying premise of the show).


  • ABC’s reboot of The Muppets finally got it right last week, and this week they are doubling down by focusing on Miss Piggy, while Rizzo, Pepe, and Gonzo go off on their own adventure.
  • On Fresh Off the Boat, remaining on ABC, Louis and Jessica react to a bad restaurant review, which sounds just marvelous.
  • Not sure if FOX’s New Girl‘s new temporary “new girl” Megan Fox’s Reagan works, but the Jess-less episodes leading up to it were refreshing and among the show’s most inventive.
  • On the same FOXy network, this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine pair-offs are Jake with Hitchcock & Scully, Amy and Gina with Rose, and Holt and Boyle.
  • It’s the getting-the-gang-together episode of American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. as each side officially puts together their lawyer teams, to face off in the last millennium’s final Crime of the Century[TM]

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