What to Watch: 02/14/2016

Haaaaappy Valentine’s Day to all you Valentines out in ValentineLand. Tonight, we suggest celebrating this loving day with the stirringly soulful voice of a youthful chanteuse, followed by the surely both rocky and triumphant return of an empowered female lawyer to her most familiar stomping ground, and perhaps ending the evening with a dose of righteous intellectual takedown of a few social wrongs by a sharp British tongue. There’s also roses, zombies, record execs, zombies, basketballs, zombies, aristocrats, zombies, Kardashians, Jimmy Fallon, and zombies.

Adele Live in London [BBC America, 10p]
Spend Valentine’s Day in with Adele serenading you and your loved one. Or just you, and your bons bons. Which on second thought might turn out to be a cryfest instead, oops.

The Good Wife [CBS, 9p]
In The Good Wife’s seventh-to-last episode, Alicia returns to the firm, with Lucca in tow, and the partners are not particularly welcoming.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver [HBO, 11:30p]
Now, more than ever, America needs the wit and wisdom of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The British comedian returns with his hilarious and eye-opening long takes on the absurdities which plague society.


  • AMC’s (and, lo, all of cable’s) most successful show, The Walking Dead returns as the core gang, along with the oft-hapless Alexandrians face danger from outside. Whoever doesn’t make it, gets to gab with eternally giddy Chris Hardwick afterwards on Talking Dead. Points!
  • HBO’s Vinyl, the long-awaited Martin Scorsese-Mick Jagger collaboration, opens tonight, with a lot of drugs and some sex to go with the central rock’n’roll. The buzz is a-crackle like sparks flying from an old 45rpm record (i.e. about as loud as that metaphor).
  • The penultimate Downton Abbey airs tonight on PBS. Most wonder what will become of the too-opulent-for-these-changing-times Granthams, the newlywed and ever more snippy Carsons, the sulking Thomas the Evil Footman, or maybe even the bland Bateses. However, we’re more thrust to the edge of our seats by the will-they-or-won’t-they of Miss Patmore and Mr. Mason.
  • TNT carries the NBA All-Star Game. While the actual event pales in comparison to the hoopla and the skills competitions (slam-dunk, et al), it’s still fun to watch Steph Curry launch 3s in a game whose outcome is actually in doubt, right?
  • After over a quarter-century of seasons on FOX, The Simpsons offer, for the first time, a Professor Frink-centric episode, with the science and the laughing and the hovercrafts that don’t quite work with the…person. Glaven!

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