What to Watch: 02/12/2016

It’s the usual Friday line-up with one special addition as this weekend is Love Day‘s weaker cousin, Valentine’s Day, so with hearts aflame and nothing to lose, here’s tonight’s Screen Scholars Picks…


Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Valentine [ABC, 8p]

Charlie Brown spends his Valentine’s Day in 1975, hoping someone, anyone, will CH-CH-CHOOSE him. By 2002 Charlie Brown still pines for the little red-headed girl, while the rest of the gang scrambles for love as well.


The Rap Game [Lifetime, 10:02p]

It’s down to five contestants and an assignment from special guest Usher will have everyone in a frenzy, even the kids’ managers.


Grimm [NBC, 9p]

While this is a bit of a default choice, admittedly Grimm is heating up and it seems to be all hands on deck, even Wu & Bud, for a serial killer case to solve concurrent to battling the Wesen uprising which could signal the end of the human race as we know it. Oh my!


  • While the writer of this round-up is definitively not a fan of CBS proceduralBlue Bloods, tonight’s episode sounds very special as one of the cop family may be a criminal.
  • Earlier on CBS, the Hawaii Five-O crew are exchanging valentines.
  • Girl Meets World returns on Disney after a few weeks off. This week, Boy’s daughter will be meeting “Commonism.”
  • A&E is previewing the bejeezus out of the Robertson clan’s antics. More look ahead to the 9th{?!?} season of Duck Dynasty tonight.


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