Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Baskets

The idiosyncratic-as-fudgesicles (that dessert treat beats its own drumstick) Baskets wins the night with an early Easter episode. The victory is unsurprising for the introspective show which feasts on absurdity and the awkwardness of human interaction, and what’s more neurotically dicey than holidays with the family. The undercard winner — the highest score from Shondaland — goes to her old faithful, Grey’s Anatomy, while her two younger programs, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, get mixed but mostly positive reviews. Nerds of different stripes dwell at the bottom of last night’s review-fest, as The Big Bang Theory (why does everyone review this show?) and DC Legends of Tomorrow swim with the sixes.

Thursday, February 11th’s Best: Baskets [9.0/10]


A despondent and dreamy, yet sweet (not to mention oddly timed), Easter episode that begins with an epiphany achieved through a karaoke cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls” brought yet more positive reviews to the young series. Vulture‘s Andrew Lapin declares it “not only the best episode of Baskets to date, but also a piercing and ingenious study of melancholy.” Vikram Murthi of AV Club agrees “Easter in Bakersfield” is the best episode to date with similar reasoning, observing “the storytelling in Baskets may be flexible, and the humor can range from broad slapstick to strange dialogue delivery, but its tone is set, and arguably the one thing the series asks of its viewers is to lock into it.”

The Rest of the Night:

Grey’s Anatomy – 8.7

The 100 – 7.7

How to Get Away with Murder – 7.5

Scandal – 7.3

You, Me, and the Apocalypse – 7.0

Elementary – 7.0

The Big Bang Theory – 6.6

DC Legends of Tomorrow – 6.4


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