What to Watch: 02/11/2016

It’s a busy night of Winter Premieres and gearing up for said returns (and we also recommend a love story that transcends time and rain and charmingly humorous movie psas), so let’s get right into the action:

Scandal/How to Get Away with Murder (or Shondaland) [ABC,10p]
Shondaland returns with midseason premieres for both Scandal and HTAWM which means tons of drama. It’s been six months seen Olicia and Fitz called it quits, let’s see how she is adjusting and if it will stick this time. On HTGAWM, everyone is trying to deal after the events of that awful night Annalise was shot.

Inside the Actors Studio [Bravo, 8p]
As if Talking Dead weren’t enough, Chris Hardwick dons a mustache and beard and breathes life into his classic character “James Lipton” as he invites Robert Kirkman and a most of the main Walking Dead cast into his teaching studio to see what word(s) Kirkman or Steven Yuen associates with “audience punking.”

The Notebook [ABC Fam, 7:45p]
Follow Allie and Noah’s love affair in the ‘40s. Is it kind of messed up and abusive? Yeah! But Happy Valentine’s Day, you’ll never have a love like that, suckers!


  • Project Runway returns, sort of. It’s that lite version of it, Project Runway: All Stars, where Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are replaced by Zanna Roberts Rassi and Alyssa Milano, and designers get a second chance to impress. While the winners are less celebrated, it’s fun to see new fashion from old favorites and the competition is usually (stress on usually) more amicable. Personally, we’re excited to see the deft tailorship and effervescent cheer of Season 13 finalist Kini.
  • FX’s Baskets, along with being one of the most original (and confidently paced) shows of the last few years, exhibits a refreshing brand of kindness in its nihilism. That may be tested tonight as a family dinner should bring together Chip Baskets, timid friend(?) Martha, mom Louie Anderson, and successful brother Dale (with Zach Gaifiniakis as both Chip & Dale…ah, ha, Chip & Dale…just got that).
  • What better day to start a four-narratives-weaved-into-one narrative than on its Valentine’s Day episode. The delightfully low-key Life in Pieces is that fabled rarity: a CBS sitcom worth remembering.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a fan of latching onto a show a day or two after its cancellation, you’re probably safe with Angel From Hell (CBS again). Despite a promising cast (Jane Lynch, Kevin Pollak) and potentially rich premise, the forces behind the show decided to play broad instead of edgy and wound up mostly flat (and often confusing).
  • Taut puzzle for Losties, Colony, continues its dystopian thrillride with episode five on USA tonight.
  • Workaholics and Idiotsitter continue to be their reliable quirky one-two punch on Comedy Central.
  • Finally if the cutesy cutaways to Kardashian Babies on American Crime Story have you longing for the reality series chronicling their adult days…well, first, you’re a different person than us. Also, you’re in luck as Keeping Up the Kardashians returns (in a sense) on E! with a sneak preview tonight.

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