What to Watch: 02/10/2016

It’s a fairly normal Wednesday, outside of the return of the ABC comedies after a few weeks away. Our editors’ suggestions range from right in the middle to totally off the wall, even supernatural (see what we did there…ugh). More importantly, Brick and Sam above are giving exactly the right amount of awe for early-80s era MJ.


Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown to Off the Wall [Showtime W, 11:15p]

Spike Lee’s touching documentary follows the rise of the King of Pop using rarely seen archival footage and interviews with family and friends. A must see for any fan of Michael Jackson and music history.

The Middle [ABC, 8p]
While there are three plots, as per the ushe (which is apparently the proper spelling of this), the only one that matters — the one to set your alarm or DVR for — is Brick directing a movie and turning despot.

Supernatural [CW, 9p]
The brothers investigate an ancient Valentine’s Day curse in a plot that feels similar to an episode of Buffy.


  • The Middle‘s return also means that the most distinctly hit-or-miss comedy on TV is also back on ABC. Modern Family has a Mitchell/Gloria match-up, so that augurs well.
  • Later on ABC, we’ll see if American Crime‘s second season can keep up its torrid and psychologically grueling pace.
  • Over on NBC, a V-Day serial killer sounds as good a time as any to give another chance to Debra Messing’s resilient and kooky Mysteries of Laura.
  • As we’ve mentioned before, CBS’ Criminal Minds has been on something of a roll for shockingly well-written and tense episodes for the last few weeks. This week, an escaped captive teen girl tries to help the BAU gang find the two hostages she left behind.
  • Duck Dynasty has an episode called “Pie Hard” tonight, so I presume the Louisiana Family Robertson will try to take over the Mrs. Smithsatomi Building as a ruse to distract authorities and gourmands alike, while they empty the vaults below of all their Apple, Cherry, and Pumpkin sweets. Or they’ll just shoot some stuff. Yippi-ki-yum!

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