Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Last night’s shows run the review gamut from our highest score ever — including our first perfect 10 going out to the brilliant ensemble police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine — to our most poorly received show in the long-running teen angst puzzler Pretty Little Liars. The former is buoyed by the glorious guest turn by Damon Wayans, Jr., as a cop from a rival precinct. Alternative dimension episodes are often critical gold, and The Flash‘s dip into Earth-2 is no exception as this week’s offering is the second highest rated program in this feature’s short history. Meanwhile, retooled or rebooted, the new Muppets gets its best call-outs of the year. New Girl‘s unveiling of the Megan Fox arc is less welcomed.

Tuesday, February 9th’s Best: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (10.0/10)


Fresh off regular runs on Happy Endings and New Girl, Damon Wayans, Jr., shines on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as his presence tests the bro-buddyhood of Andy Samberg’s Peralta and Joe Lo Truglio’s Boyle. LaToya Ferguson at the AV Club poetically notes the “entire episode is like a pressure cooker waiting to do whatever pressure cookers do, and once it does, it’s beautifully chaotic.” Vulture‘s Allie Pape marvels that “it’s frankly impressive how much ground this episode covers in just 22 minutes, and how many strong jokes it’s able to get in.”

The Rest of the Night:

The Flash – 9.6

Raves all around for The Flash‘s reveal of its alternate universe and Earth-2. Angelica Jade Bastien over at Vulture calls it “undoubtedly the best episode of the season,” complimenting how it “marries incredible action sequences, amazing direction by Millicent Shelton, some of the cast’s best acting (particularly from Candice Patton and Grant Gustin), lots of heart, and just the right number of nods to the comics.” She pretty much speaks for every reviewer.

iZombie – 8.3

While Liv eating the brain of a Millennial sounds a bit trite and vague, Meg Bonney at TV Fanatic makes the strong point: “if we can trust anyone with complex plot weaving, it’s [show creator] Rob Thomas.”

The Muppets – 8.3

Jenny Jaffe of Vulture sums up both the disappointment up to yesterday with the 2015-16 iteration of our collective cherished nostalgic puppets, and the reception of last night’s turnaround episode by leading off with “Whoa. I think … I actually liked this episode.” AV Club‘s Dan Caffrey dug the feminist message — bolstered by a Joan Jett cameo — coming to the conclusion: “Miss Piggy’s still very much a pig. And very much a woman.”

American Crime Story – 8.2

The second episode of American Crime Story (a.k.a. the O.J. mini-series) is all about the Bronco chase. While it is a historic, dramatic moment that is pretty universally one of the everyone-knows-where-they-were moments of anyone currently over 25’s life, reviewers tend to agree that as part of the mini-series, it’s a transitionary episode. Quoth AV Club‘s incomparable Pilot Viruet: “O.J. stopped running, but the series is just getting started.”

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce – 7.8

The Shannara Chronicles – 7.3

Marvel’s Agent Carter – 6.9

New Girl – 6.7

Fresh Off the Boat – 6.0

Pretty Little Liars – 5.0

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