What to Watch: 02/05/2016

It’s the Friday before the Super Bowl and after the Iowa Caucuses, so if you aren’t interested in seeing people shout over each other their opinions about sports and/or politics, the pickings are somewhat slight, but we’ve got some things for you, whether you’re yearning for supernatural adventure, real life financial drama, or a wistful romance. If it’s anything else, well, you have some nerve!

Sleepy Hollow [FOX, 8p]
I almost feel irresponsible for suggesting this often ridiculous program, but when it’s working, the adventures of Detective Ichabod Crane in the 21st Century can be a wacky wonder of the television world. Its Winter return finds Crane crossing realms to reunite with his partner Abbie.

Shark Tank [ABC, 9pm]
Are “smart” gloves for the ski slopes the next big thing? Maybe it’s a decluttering service or handbag company that uses upcycled materials. I always wonder how many of my random ideas could’ve gotten funded watching this show.

Love’s Complicated [Hallmark, 8p]
Holly Marie Combs is a woman whose boyfriend enrolls her in a conflict resolution class so she can find herself and inner peace.


  • Friday is the night for creatures, detectives, and miles-over-the-top plotlines, so if Sleepy Hollow is not enough for you, flip over to NBC where Grimm has got you covered. This week, it’s a lake monster.
  • For a change of pace, there’s Second Chance. This detective’s back from the dead. It’s actually supposed to be fairly good. It follows Sleepy Hollow oon FOX, so it might seem relatively grounded.
  • If you’re in the mood for love, or just want to see some families debating over fashion — especially if there’s a Southern lilt in their passive-aggressive intonations — TLC’s got a whole bunch of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta coming atcha.
  • ABC s got Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken, soooooooo…

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