Monday’s Best Reviewed: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Last night’s reviews were all over the board, as all four major shows earning review got at least one rave and at least one downright pan. The winner by default is burgeoning cult classic musical Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s return to camp (with Josh, of course).

Monday, February 1’s Best: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (8.0/10)

besyescrazyMost liked this quirkiest of “love” stories as CEG sent Becca an Josh back to camp. Present in A- praise was AV Club calling it the “latest in a line of strong episodes” for “how nimbly it balances not one, but three big storylines.” Christine Laskodi at TV Fanatic is less enamored, dipping the show into the mid-3s for its “slow start,” but loves the revelations.

The Rest of the Night:

Jane the Virgin – 7.9

JTV‘s 32nd chapter got almost identical grades as Crazy Ex from all comers, save a tenth less of a star from TV Fanatic‘s Amanda Steinmetz who felt “nothing about [Jane’s] two potential suitors interested [her].”

Supergirl – 7.1

Supergirl‘s introduction of their take on the classic Bizarro character was polarizing to say the least. Caroline Siede at AV Club found it “elevates” the series and loved its feminist twist and how Supergirl saw her doppelgangerly opponent as a “victim not a villain.” On the other end of the spectrum, IGN‘s Cliff Wheatley, while recognizing the show caught some of its new villain’s “inherent tragedy,” unloaded on the episode as “rife with melodrama, hammy acting, odd character choices, and relationships we simply aren’t invested in.”

The Magicians – 6.7

IGN, on the other hand, loved the third episode of The Magicians for its penchant to “allow for nice touches for each of the characters.” AV Club was more tepid, issuing a warning to viewers who thought the initial pair of episodes “tore through plot too quickly…that problem is not going away.”


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